Saturday, October 12, 2013

106 Pink Crush by Isadora

 This is the pretty nailpolish I am wearing on my nails today:
Purchased by me

This is 1 coat of Isadora's 106 Pink Crush nailpolish. It might look a little bit more purple in this picture than irl, but not too much. It is from their Sugar Crush series, and I think it is fabulous! First off, I love that I can wear this with only 1 coat. I could have added a second coat to get a richer color, but the fact that this covers the nail well in 1 coat is awesome! I love that =)

Also, I have found this nailpolish to be great for when you have little "accidents", and small bits of your nailpolish chips off at the tip of the nail. If it's just a small bit, you can just dab on a little bit more nailpolish, and it will blend in well with the rest of the nail. I guess it must be because of the texture of this nailpolish =) Oh, and have I mentioned how much fun this texture is? Forget about the fact that it is a more matte glitter nailpolish, which looks pretty. It is also soo interesting just to touch with your finger (once the nailpolish is dry, of course)!

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- Marie

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