Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random: Nail polish at work

So, I read something on another nail blog, where the blog author referred to a nail polish color as being work-appropriate. It kind of made me chuckle, because I realized my workplace is different than many others. You see, I work in a kindergarden. And there, I really feel like I can wear any kind of crazy nail polish color that I want. I don't have to stick to plain pinks and light, elegant colors. And I love that =)

Also, I often experience that the small children I work with (ages 1-3 years), suddenly notice that I have nail polish on. They will point to the nail polish, touch it and really focus in on it. It is so fun to see their reaction=) I also once had on textured nail polish, and had a child for a long time just rubbing a finger over the surface, totally amazed and fascinated with the texture. Really fun =)

I am curious, for you nail polish lovers out there, what kinds of nail polish do you wear to work? Does the work environment influence your nail polish choices? I'd love to hear about it in a comment =)

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- Marie

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