Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Baubles Nail Art Tutorial + Tutorial

Purchased by me
Today I have a nail art tutorial to share with you. Since it is getting so close to christmas, I am currently wearing this on my nails:

(Grey polish by H&M, silver and purple both by Viva La Diva. Topcoat: H.K Girl)

I have made both a picture tutorial and a video tutorial for how to do this nail art. You can see them both below, and the nail art tutorial you can also find on my YouTube channel =)


After making the tutorial, I had some fun coming up with a few extra color combinations you could try: 

As well as a way to make some slightly easier christmas baubles:

For this version of the christmas baubles, you simply make two different sized dots on your nails, and add the tops and strings to make them look like normal round christmas baubles =)

You could of course also mix and match colors on your baubles to get a different look:

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- Marie

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