Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowing Nail Art

Purchased by me
(Base color: "Baby's Got The Blues" by Miss Asleigh. Art done in white acrylic paint)

Before you read further, I must apologize for the horrible side break on my pointer finger there. I had an especially stressful/busy morning at work in the kindergarden on Friday, and before I knew it the whole side of my nail there had broken completely off =(

This weeks theme, from Fingerfood's Theme Weeks, is weather. So, I went for the weather we have here in my neck of the woods right now =) This one was simple to do, I just used white paint and some dotting tools for draw the cloud and the different sized snowflakes falling. I just recently found out the trick to using acrylic paints for nail art, by watching an YT video comparing paints for nail art, which helped a lot in this. I found out that I need to water down the thick paint to get it a more fluid consistency, which is much better to work with for nail art. It's a lot better than my experience was with acrylic paint for my zebra stripes nails, that's for sure! The fluid paint made this so easy in fact, that I actually managed to paint the same design quite well on my dominant hand too =)

(Akward hand pose, I know. My first time posing with my dominant hand...)

Here's the linkup, where you can see what all the other participants did with the theme weather:

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- Marie


  1. Sun a cute and fun mani - love it!

  2. Aww sorry about your break, I've got a few nasty ones myself at the moment. That blue is beautiful! Very fresh!

  3. Simple, yet really striking. Nice job! :)

  4. Cute! That blue is like THE perfect baby blue color <3 The snowy accent nail is so cute and whimsical. For some reason the blue and the snow reminds me of Snoopy

    1. How fun that it makes you think of Snoopy =)


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