Sunday, February 16, 2014

Abstract nail art idea

Purchased by me
(White nail polish base color. Nail art done with permanent alcohol markers)

So, I only have a practice nail to show for the theme Abstract from Fingerfood this week. Originally, I had my complete manicure all done, photographed and even written out a blog post for, but then I found out that I had looked at the wrong theme! Argh!
Good news is that I have my mani for the dots and stripes theme that will come in March all done way ahead of time =) But the bad news is that I now only have the practice nail above to show you for this weeks theme =(

Oh no, that's wrong, I actually have one more thing I can show you! It's not related to the nail art theme, but it is nail polish related, so I'll show you. I just got done swatching my current nail polish collection on practice/swatch nails. I love having everything organized and the colors together for my viewing pleasure and color coordinating =)

Umm... yes. I like blue nail polish =)

Here are more nail art for this theme from some other bloggers:

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Please let me know if you like seeing that practice nail with the abstract pattern on it, or if you'd prefer I stick to only real manicures in the future =)
- Marie


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