Saturday, February 1, 2014

L'Automne by Renaissance Cosmetics + Birthday Accent Nail

Purchased by me
("L'Automne" by Renaissance Cosmetics)

This polish is a brown/copper color, with different colored glitters embeded in it. I love the base brown/copper color, but I am not crazy about the glitters. Mostly because they made the consistency kind of difficult to work with, and the finish on the nail is lumpy. The swatch shows two coats + topcoat.

This is the nail art I created for this weeks Fingerfood theme - Birthday/Celebrations. I decided to add a gift wrap design to one accent nail, using silver acrylic paint. The picture shows the nail art without top coat, but you will need to add topcoat to ensure that it doesn't get ruined when you wash your hands later. 

Here are other manis for this weeks theme:

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- Marie


  1. I agree with you about the brown - it has such a beautiful base colour that I don't think it really need the glitter. Love the accent nail too! :)


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