Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chocolate Bunny Nail Art + Tutorial

Purchased by me / Kjøpt av meg
(Please excuse the slight smearing on the bunny's ears here that my top coat created)
(Basecolor: "Baby's Got The Blues" by Miss Ashleigh. Nail art done with acrylic paint + some added flock on the bunny's tail)

So, this weeks theme from FingerFood is Deliscious. You know what I looove to eat? Chocolate. Chocolate. And more chocolate. Yum! So, naturally I needed to do a chocolate themed nail art. But, painting a chocolate bar didn't really sound too lovely, so I decided to find something else that was know to people as a chocolate treat. Since Easter is coming up, a chocolate bunny popped into my mind. I did a search to find a picture of a chocolate bunny, but didn't like the original, old school ones I found. But then I found pictures of some chocolate bunny treats that a lady had made, where the bunny is seen from behind with its white tail showing. I loved that look, so I went for it =) Here is the picture I was inspired by:

Denne ukens tema fra FingerFood er Deliscious (veldig godt/nammenam, hva nå enn man kan oversette det til på norsk). Vet dere hva jeg elsker å spise? Sjokolade. Sjokolade. Og mer sjokolade. Nam! Så jeg ville male sjokolade på neglene mine. En plate sjokolade tenkte jeg at ikke ville se så fint ut, så jeg måtte finne på noe annet. Og med påsken rett rundt hjørnet, bestemte jeg meg for å male en sjokoladekanin. Jeg søkte etter bilder av en sjokoladekanin, men likte ikke så godt de gammeldagse støpte sjokoladekaninene jeg fant først. Men så fant jeg bilder av sjokolade snacks som en dame hadde laget, hvor kaninen ses på bakfra og halen dens er synlig. Jeg elsker hvordan det så ut, så jeg gikk for den =) Bildet av hennes snack ser du rett over her.

To make my nail art, I started by painting the bunny in dark chocolate brown acrylic paint, added a little bit of watered down white which was then dabbed off again to make the chocolate surface look a bit shabby, and added the tail with a dotting tool. After topcoating the design, I also added a tiny bit of white flocking powder to the tail, which is only slightly visible in the picture here (and not at all visible in real life, unfortunately)
For å lage denne neglekunsten, startet jeg med å male kaninen med mørk sjokoladebrun akryl maling, la på litt utvannet hvitmaling som jeg så tok mesteparten bort av igjen med et tørkepapir for å gi overflaten et shabby utrykk, og malte halen med hvit maling og et dotting tool. Etter å ha hatt på top coat over hele neglen, satte jeg også på litt hvitt flocking pudder på kaninens hale, som bare er såvidt synlig på bildene her (og ikke i det hele tatt synlig for det blotte øyet, dessverre) 

(Please excuse the slight smearing on the bunny's ears here that my top coat created)

Edited to add: Here's a tutorial on how to paint the basic bunny shape =) / Her er en tutorial som viser hvordan man maler denne enkle kaninen =) 

Here are other manis made for this weeks theme / Her er andre manikyrer laget for denne ukens tema:

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Takk for at du stakk innom bloggen min i dag!

- Marie


  1. I'm pretty sure this is the first time one of my edible crafts has inspired nail art, but this is so cool. I love how the nail looks and think it would be so fun to have that on my own nails for Easter.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  2. aww such a cute mani great job :)

  3. Thats so cool and different version of bunny nail art!

  4. So adorable! <3 I've been wanting to comment all week about how cute and sweet this manicure is, but didn't have a chance until now <3


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